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Regardless of his weaknesses, Captain Falcon still has an impressive number of winning matchups, including six that are near-unloseable. Captain Falcon's ECB (Environmental Collision Box) varies in size depending on the costume being used. But Captain Falcon is nothing reminiscent of a bobby in Super Smash Bros. His moves seem to be a mix between Kung Fu and street brawling. If he goes off a ledge, he continues dashing forward. He is countered only by Fox and Falco, soft countered only by Sheik and Jigglypuff, has 3 even matchups, soft counters 7, counters 5, and hard counters 6. Winds up then releases a powerful, fiery punch, with his fists engulfed in a falcon-shaped flame. The move can be used repeatedly, one after the other, and actually sends Falcon higher than his opponent. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Besides somewhat crippling his horizontal recovery, Captain Falcon's fast falling speed also acts as a double-edged sword; while it does grant him a very good combo game and the best vertical knockback resistance in the game due to his above average weight, he is also prone to chain grabs such as Pikachu's and Peach's up throws; combos that utilize moves with decent vertical knockback, such as up tilts and up aerials, are also easier to land on Captain Falcon due to his relatively large hurtbox. His recovery has seen multiple improvements due to his higher air speed, Falcon Kick giving him his double jump back and Falcon Dive covering more distance. Over the course of the series, Falcon Punch has undergone many aesthetic changes, with the majority being in Brawl and SSBWU/3DS due to animation improvements to incorporate an exaggerated pose and realistic fiery effects.In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Captain Falc… Les Combos Contests ont commencé sur l’opus de la Nintendo 64, et n’ont jamais vraiment perduré dans les épisodes suivants. These traits, coupled with his high traction, good jumping prowess, the ability to wall jump, and the longest dash dance (because of his many dash initiation frames) give Captain Falcon great approach options, a short but quick wavedash, and the best moonwalk in the game. First 2 hits do 3% damage, the knee 8% and the rapid punches 1% each. Despite this, the few reliable KO moves he has are extremely effective and he still possesses a solid combo and punish game. It has minor startup, high hitstun, and can chain itself into another down air by SHFFLing. Simply tap the B-button to begin his most powerful attack. Captain Falcon appeared in Captain Falcon vs Captain Commando where he confronted Captain Commando while he was playing guitar in the desert after the former leapt out of his Blue Falcon and challenged … Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the 2019 MPGR, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Super Smash Bros. Melee"From January 13th, 2020 to January 24th, 2020.". However, it's something that's slow to action and because he does scream out "Falcon Punch" prior to moving into action, it's easier to avoid. Deals very high damage and knockback, and is the finisher move after an fair in the. One of Falcon's most strategic attacks, though, is his Right+B flaming uppercut. Another interesting fact about Falcon is that when he uses the Star Rod, it fires four stars at once. A fast and powerful move, though is short ranged. For Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Captain Falcon Combos". You can really grab some easy KOs in that way. Depending on their height, you'll want to use different moves. Good power and speed, often used as an, Does a midair bicycle kick and sticks his feet out. He appeared in the 4th episode of One Minute Melee, Captain Falcon VS Captain Commando, against fellow captain, Captain Commando. My channel was demonetized, if you'd like to support me please consider checking out my melee clothing store. Falcon Punch: The move consists of Captain Falcon throwing a powerful punch, with his fist engulfed in flames shaped like a falcon. He does well against relatively floaty characters, such as Peach and Dr. Mario, as he combos these characters the easiest at mid-percents. The Knee His legendary Forward-Air, … His speed, fast rolls, and Raptor Boost enable an excellent dodging and tech-chasing game. He has great onstage game and his offstage game isn’t half bad either. Captain Falcon is one of the fastest characters in Smash Bros. Melee and is definitely much quicker than his clone, Ganondorf. Captain Falcon’s history has been revealed through the games, the games’ manuals, and the anime. Essentialy the same as in Super Smash Bros. 64, but more useful due to being stronger and better in combos. Known for his trademark "Falcon Punch!" Fairly fast, good for knocking the foe away from the ledge to follow with an aerial attack or edgeguard, with proper mindgaming/prediction. I was wondering if anyone could drop some combo game. This is also his third recovery jump. Captain Falcon is featured in the following event matches: In addition to the normal trophy about Captain Falcon as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter, unlocked by completing both Adventure and All-Star modes respectively with Captain Falcon on any difficulty: Captain Falcon using his forward smash on Mute City. The third hit is the, Does a roundhouse kick that can be angled up or down. His down aerial is the fourth most powerful meteor smash in the game. If started in midair, he kicks down at a diagonal angle. Super Smash Bros. Melee There weren't a lot of changes to Captain Falcon from Smash 64 to Smash Melee, but Melee is the game in which the Knee of Justice became popular. Shoulder tackles forward. Compared to Falcon's other launchers, it has relatively high ending lag. If executed correctly, the opponent is likely to be KO'd. Because this is SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE, and that's what they're supposed to do! Falcon also has multiple quick KO moves, most notably his Knee Smash, forward smash, and down aerial, all of which can be powerful combo finishers. Small noticeable startup, but good speed and knockback. He is the second fastest character in SSBM, only falling behind to Fox. Fox and Falco can often be regrabbed from a down tilt at medium percentages, and their side special moves can be intercepted by Falcon's down tilt if they try to sweetspot the ledge. His forward aerial is now his Knee smash which has excellent KO potential and combo ability which along with the previous … His main smash attack, (Forward/Backward + A), the Falcon Elbow, is very powerful whether charged up or not. Equally powerful, in fact one of his most powerful attacks, is his double high kick. He is prone to edgeguarding because his recovery move cannot grab edgehoggers. Wizzrobe discusses shield pressure, ledge options, approach options, combos on Marth, combos on Sheik, tech chasing, the Fox match up, stages Captain Falcon likes especially versus Jigglypuff, punishing Jigglypuff, the Falco match up, and random Q&A. C. Falcon has received a significant buff to his air-to-ground game thanks to increased shield stun and shorter landing lag. The other nerfed his soft Knee Smash, making it hit only half as hard as the NTSC soft Knee Smash. In truth the Star Rod is much more effective when slammed upon someone's head. His bounce effect on Raptor Boost from Brawl is gone, making it almost as risky as Melee apart from the fact that it can ledge-sweetspot its a powerful combo tool at lower percents. Captain Falcon has strong matchups. Knockback is usually hard to follow-up or combo with unless over a ledge. His forward aerial is now his Knee smash which has excellent KO potential and combo ability which along with the previous change, now gives him an extremely powerful and deadly approach option and combo ender. There aren't a lot of guaranteed combos falcon has against the entire cast. His low short-hop, very fast falling speed, and aerials that reliably chain into one another makes for an excellent SHFFL, giving him a great damage rate and a multitude of approaches and combo finishers. He has the single fastest dash speed, the second fastest falling speed (behind Falco), and one of the fastest lateral air speeds in the game. Although the Captain was a secret addition in the first game, in SSBM he is a selectable character right off the bat. Captain Falcon will take some time to get back in action since the recovery time is a little higher for this attack. With almost all of the characters who would years later be above him in the tier list receiving nerfs (particularly Fox and Sheik), he fares better in those respective matchups, but due to considerably less representation of Captain Falcon in Europe, he remains at 7th place. Captain Falcon (Japanese: キャプテン・ファルコン, Hepburn: Kyaputen Farukon) is a fictional character in the racing video game series F-Zero.He first appeared in the series' first installment, and is the de facto mascot of the F-Zero series. The problem is, the move takes a while to charge and he alarms everyone by yelling out its name. Captain Falcon is one of the fastest characters in Smash Bros. Melee and is definitely much quicker than his clone, Ganondorf. His throws are also less reliable at comboing (although he now has the potential to chain grab or tech chase his opponents out of his down throw) while his back throw has much lower KO potential. The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Can. For a gallery of Captain Falcon's hitboxes, see here. Try starting it while in midair, so he's actually punching just as he hits the ground. Using Raptor Boost is a decent horizontal recovery option, but it grants nonexistent vertical height and cannot instantly snap to the ledge. along with a plethora of other flashy moves and his comically masculine aesthetic, Captain Falcon has many innate qualities that make him a fan… So it's handy all around. The Captain's forward air attack is one of his best moves and a staple in competitive play. Captain Falcon ha aparecido en todos los juegos de la … Captain Falcon also suffers from the changes to shields as while he is less vulnerable to shield pressure, his moveset is less safe on shield with multiple moves (such as his up tilt, landing aerials and Falcon Punch which previous gave him frame advantage against shield) now becoming punishable and his own out of shield options are worse due to his slower and altered aerials making his out of shield game a bigger weakness than it was before. Captain Falcon was considered a low tier character on the first tier list; inexperienced panelists felt he was inferior to his Super Smash Bros. counterpart, and failed to overcome the high technical skill demands required to play him. Despite lacking a projectile, Captain Falcon's attacks and speediness enable great approach options to KO and combo reliably and efficiently. Like some other characters, Captain Falcon was slightly changed in the PAL version of Melee. Mais le joueur PG|Prince vient de démontrer que SSBU avait tout ce qu’il faut pour raviver la flamme des combos … Makes another battle pose where he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out. Depending on opponent percentage, fall speed, and DI, can lead into aerial combos or tech chase regrabs. Captain Falcon only received two changes in the transition to PAL, the more welcome of the two being that the Gentleman can now be done with just three A button presses, without any extra inputs or timing alterations required. Reels his elbow back and thrusts it forward, dealing powerful, Performs a spinning double kick. This page was last edited on November 24, 2020, at 01:29. Battling Fox and Ness on Pokémon Stadium. Many of Falcon's attacks have fairly long startup, but they deal incredible damage and knockback, have great range, and have little ending lag. Slowly gets up and punches in front of him. This move is a great vertical launcher. Captain Falcon, the bounty hunter and car racer extraordinaire, returns to action in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He has some trouble against characters that can either edgeguard him efficiently or outprioritize his moves, such as Jigglypuff and Sheik. If you do choose to use Falcon, use the taunt often. For someone who has little height, use his double high kick. Nevertheless, Captain Falcon remains one of the stronger characters in the game and has still seen a fair amount of success in tournaments. Captain Falcon has also gained strong tech-chasing potential due to both the universally increased falling speeds and his new up throw, down throw and his new side special Raptor Boost which also acts as a solid combo starter. Minor startup and ending lag. ... * My dog, Madison, aka Maddy. He thrives on his versatile set of aerials; his most powerful of which is the knee, an epic finisher. Fast with decent range. His default costume has the smallest ECB, while his green costume has the largest. Captain Falcon is one of the most powerful characters in Super Smash Bros. His speed is second only to Fox and Sonic, and his most powerful moves, the Falcon Punch and Knee of Justice are two of the most iconic moves in the series. The Falcon Punch in SSB is more comboable than in Melee and Brawl due to it only having smash DI and this move being much quicker in SSB. Quickly kicks forward then backward. The nerf to the soft Knee Smash, however, prevents a guaranteed followup into another Knee Smash, slightly weakening Falcon's edgeguarding and combo potential, though this can be worked around by using up aerial instead. Heavier characters/Fast fallers are usually easier to get lengthy combos and sometimes end with knee. As such, Falcon is considered to have one of the most inconsistent neutral games among the higher tier characters. Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero series, currently ranks 7th place (A tier) on the tier list. All moves are based on a character facing to the right. He also benefits from the fact that jumps carry over momentum from a dash moreso than any other character greatly improving his aerial approach. Captain Falcon Super Smash bros. Melee Drills and how to do them! Probably his most devastating move, the Falcon Punch could deliver a blow worth 25% damage. However, if you have enough time try lining up his Up+B Falcon Dive. What would Captain Falcon be without his Falcon Punch, though? Overall, Captain Falcon has a less consistent combo and punish game along with having many moves with increased startup lag and reduced KO power. Falcon Punch is weaker and slower giving it less combo potential, Falcon Dive is considerably weaker and has seen other non-beneficial changes and Falcon Kick now decays over time making it less effective from afar. If he hits an opponent on the ground, he launches a fiery uppercut, knocking them into the air. His up aerial is no longer an extremely powerful juggling tool due to its clean hit now launching opponents horizontally (although it is still one of his best moves) and its late hit has drastically reduced power no longer being a strong KO move. Captain Falcon then moved up to the middle tier, but was not recognized as being a solid character until one year after Melee began being played competitively. However, there are severe consequences if Falcon makes a mistake while performing this technique; it's possible for him to jump too far while performing the Falcon Punch, which will result in a self-destruct. Falcon is completely different in Ultimate, so I'm used to the Combos there. Pikachu can juggle Captain Falcon for long periods of time, but is otherwise lacking the range to consistently win the neutral game. For this attack, Captain Falcon will turn around and land a powerful punch attack and the enemies behind him in the air. Captain Falcon is arguably the fastest character in the game. Makes a battle pose where he leans forward and thrusts his arm out. The second hit of his neutral aerial has sex kick properties and can be SHFFLed very easily. One would think that his light weight would mean he has less powerful attacks, but that's not true in the least. Sneaking up behind someone in a four-player match is doable, but you may as well work on some better tactics. That said, you'll need to be quite tricky yourself. RECOVERY. His captain title is rumored to be because he was once a police officer. Oh, and if you haven't noticed his taunt (D-pad up) is incredibly lame and annoying. Log In to add custom ... Run Tactic. Play as Captain Falcon from F-Zero! Fairly fast, good for knocking the foe away from the ledge to follow with an aerial attack or edgeguard, with proper mindgaming/prediction. Deliver a blow then quickly get out of there. Players must take advantage of this speed and quickly adapt to their opponents to fully utilize his abilities. It has incredible range, able to out range many of, Does a quick sweep kick. His down smash is his fastest, dealing great horizontal knockback, and his up smash can flexibly act as a combo starter and finisher. Captain Falcon appears in Mute City or Big Blue except in the metal battle where he appears on Battlefield. Captain Falcon is blessed with having a decent dash attack coupled with a high dash speed, however you will become predictable if … The Ice Climbers have intricate setups into Wobbles and even inescapable handoffs on Captain Falcon, but he can just as easily separate them with his stronger moves. The second hit sometimes has difficulty connecting, as with. Sticks out his knee. He can extend his horizontal recovery by performing an uninterrupted Falcon Kick in the air; this gives him back his midair jump, but it usually forces him to recover from the bottom blast line, as the Falcon Kick sends him very far down. Nintendo released F-Zero for Game Boy Advance, but Falcon was nowhere to be found in a world that was set hundreds of years in the future after his time. If you get surrounded by characters, remember he has a double sweep Down+A smash attack. He drives the Blue Falcon in his races and commands the Falcon Flyer during bounty missions. Outside of the 64DD add-on expansion kit, Captain Falcon hasn't seen a star role since. In the transition from Smash 64 to Melee, Captain Falcon gained a mix of buffs and nerfs. Against other high- and top-tier opponents, however, Falcon is susceptible to chain grabs and combos due to his high falling speed. He also benefits from the fact that jumps carry over momentum from a dash moreso than any other character greatly improving his aerial approach. By charging Falcon's Up+A smash attack you can deliver a considerable amount of damage. Knockback direction depends on what angle the move hits the foe, though strong nonetheless. This makes him very agile and is what you need to take advantage of most. It leaves you vulnerable, but it's the best way to fool your opponents. Origin: Falcon was thrust into the limelight when F-Zero launched on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) because he was the star character. Captain Falcon currently ranks 8th out of 26 on the Melee tier list, in the B tier. Total frames on a miss is 71. In the original Nintendo 64 version, Captain Falcon was infamous for his flaming Falcon Punch. BlazBlue CP Fighting EX Layer Guilty Gear XX ACP Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice 2 Killer Instinct King of Fighters 13 King of Fighters 14 Mortal Kombat 9 … Kicks foe behind. There is not a significant amount of combo options from this move because of its horizontal hit trajectory, low knockback (though it has good knockback for a forward tilt) and stun time, and wind-down lag. It sends players directly above him and this can be used for several things. His even matchups with Marth, Ice Climbers, and Pikachu are widely disputed; Marth has superior range and attack speed, while Captain Falcon has a much more solid combo game on Marth than Marth does on Captain Falcon. He's a bounty hunter with a mysterious past that not much is known about. However, it can combo at most percentages into a SHFFLed n-air, which can lead into other combos. Also, due to his lighter state he's a bit easier to knock off of the screen. You can also use his attacks against him. Melee. Thank you: https://20xxapparel.co Top 15 Mango Falcon Combos… Captain Falcon appears in a one-on-one, as an ally, on a team with Fox, Falco, or Samus, in a giant, multi-man, or metal battle. Melee Falcon: Combo Game. His D-throw is his Melee Down Throw and has a lo… He has an easier time killing and comboing his opponents than in Brawl, due to the more hitstun. I'm struggling man.. Captain Falcon attacking Link with his up smash on Pokémon Stadium. Attributes See also: Captain Falcon (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data Captain Falcon returns to his playstyle in Melee with a few additions from Brawl.He is one of the fastest characters in the game, possessing the second fastest dashing speed, the fifth fastest walking speed and one of the fastest air speeds, giving Falcon amazing mobility overall. Dedicated Falcon mains such as Isai showed how powerful his comboing abilities were, and how well he could KO out of a combo with the deadly Knee Smash. Lastly, many of his attacks have reduced ending lag and some of his attacks also have increased KO power (such as forward smash, down smash and the aforementioned Knee smash). While this is considered to be a minor drop compared to his previous placement in Smash 64, where he was ranked 3rd out of 12, he still ranks rather high likewise in the Smash 64 tier list because he retains his incredible comboing abilities; he has a fast falling speed and air speed, and the single fastest dash speed of all characters, giving him one of the best SHFFLs in the game.

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